For Parents

For Parents

Waiting Doesn’t Help.
Start Learning NOW.

Your role in this journey is key – the earlier you start, the sooner we can find answers together. And start making a difference in your child’s life. 

We Need You.

We need your participation. We need your personal perspective on your child’s developmental challenges. As the parent of a diagnosed child, you have the power to help move treatment in the right direction. It all starts with a face-to-face consultation.

What You Can Do NOW.

First, understand that your child does not have a disease – autism is about being wired differently, not incorrectly. You’re NOT powerless to help, your involvement should begin with these steps:

Do Your Homework.

Learn all you can about autism and the treatments involved. Being informed means being empowered to help us help your child.

Observe. Observe. Observe.

What triggers the behavior? Watch carefully, the better you understand what upsets, calms, amuses, and otherwise affects your child’s behavior, the closer we can get to finding the most effective ways to help.

Don’t Play the Comparison Game.

Comparing your child to so-called “normal” kids isn’t helpful to anybody. Acceptance is everything – celebrate your child’s unique quirks. Unconditional love goes a long way in building rapport and finding ways to make life more livable and enjoyable.

Be Patient.

Nobody can give you a guaranteed timeline. Just know that with families involved, and under appropriate conditions, we’re seeing life-changing results in both functional living and communication skills. Never give up – because your child won’t.

How We Help

ABA Therapy Driven.

Behavioral Framework uses the only proven, research-based, autism therapy. 

Our Approach

Improvement Through Engagement.

Working closely with both you and your child is key. Learn more about how Behavioral Framework can help your family.