Angela is Board Certified and Licensed as a Behavior Analyst in both Virginia and Maryland.  She is skilled in identifying Behavioral Therapists who not only have strong educational backgrounds but also share the same core values that all children are unique and require a plan that is fluid.  An understanding that while ABA is comprised of core principles, the learning methodology and application of treatment requires monitoring and adjustments based on many factors including the home environment, family culture, skills, behaviors, and development of each child.

Angela has a long history of developing and expanding ABA programs in both Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Her career has been devoted to maintaining and restoring ABA programs with strong leadership and research-based programming coupled with compassionate care. Angela’s devotion further led her to meet with key local and state government stakeholders and lobby on behalf of ABA Medicaid funders to ensure ABA treatment reaches all families.

She began her professional career as a crisis unit therapist for homeless adults diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. While attaining her master’s degree at Loyola University, Angela worked with children diagnosed with severe psychological disorders at risk for juvenile detention placement.  During this time, she saw a need to assist the underserved population of children in Northern Virginia diagnosed with autism. Angela simultaneously developed a small platform ABA program that grew to a diverse and multicultural team servicing hundreds of clients around NOVA.  She went on to work as a consultant in Virginia to strengthen in-home ABA programs and create a solid foundation for these agencies to provide optimal care while developing teams of dedicated ABA therapists. With over 15 years of mental health and ABA experience, Angela has a diverse knowledge of programming and behavior management.