Welcome Dr. Elizabeth Lynch Psy.D., ABPP

ROCKVILLE, MD (February 15, 2024)Pathways by Behavioral Framework continues to enhance its diagnostic services team with the addition of Dr. Elizabeth Lynch, Psy.D., ABPP, as its newest Psychologist. Her arrival marks yet another expansion of Pathways capabilities in supporting children and families navigating developmental disabilities.

Dr. Elizabeth Lynch, Psy.D., ABPP, joins Pathways by Behavioral Framework with a rich background as a Clinical Psychologist. Her expertise in serving military service members and their families also extends to supporting vulnerable children and adolescents within the state foster care system. Her specialized skills in administering and interpreting psychological and neuropsychological testing for young individuals and providing comprehensive diagnostic reports to state agencies and case managers showcases her commitment to supporting youth facing complex challenges. Dr. Lynch’s knowledge in crisis evaluations, combined with her deep understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and her extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, equip her with a versatile skill set suited to diagnosing and supporting children and families affected by developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her ability to manage mental health care in high-stress environments uniquely qualifies her to meet the complex needs of a diverse clientele. Beyond her clinical roles, her contributions to veteran rehabilitation and the training and education of psychology interns underscore her dedication to mental health excellence.

“Pathways is pleased to welcome Dr. Lynch to our team,” said Angela West, Chief Clinical Officer, Behavioral Framework. “Her expertise and commitment to mental health care will greatly benefit the families we serve.”

“I am excited to not only join the team at Pathways, but also contribute to their mission to serve families needing diagnostic services,” said Dr. Lynch, Psychologist, Pathways.

To learn more about the growing Pathways team and services available, please visit Autism Diagnosis at Behavioral Framework.

About Pathways by Behavioral Framework
Pathways by Behavioral Framework addresses the critical need for timely and accurate diagnoses of Autism and other developmental disabilities in children aged 0 to 21. Located in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area, Pathways emerged as a response to the extended wait times families often face in starting their child’s treatment journey. Pathways provides comprehensive evaluations that identify Autism and a variety of other childhood developmental concerns. At Pathways, our commitment goes beyond diagnosis. Our experienced team delivers customized evaluations, equipping families with clear next steps for their child's care. Pathways is committed to a seamless, supportive diagnostic experience, ensuring every child receives the necessary foundation for future growth.

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