Pathways Autism Diagnosis at Behavioral Framework

A Neurodiverse Pathway for Foundational Understanding and Acceptance

At Behavioral Framework, we understand the challenges that families and children face in accessing timely and accurate diagnoses for Autism and other developmental disabilities. Due to the limited availability of diagnostic centers in the DMV area, families may have to endure prolonged wait times of up to a year before their child can begin treatment.

Our commitment to expanding care and reducing the burden on families impacted by Autism led us to establish Pathways, providing comprehensive evaluations and diagnostic services for children ages 0 to 21. We offer a range of assessment services that not only identify Autism but also assess for other childhood concerns.

Pathways provides families with a customized path for your child’s next steps, which includes a comprehensive assessment report outlining recommendations for treatment. While Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is our specialty, families are free to seek treatment with any provider for therapy after receiving their report. At Pathways by Behavioral Framework, we strive to make the diagnostic process as seamless and stress- free as possible for families, ensuring that every child receives the support they need to reach their full potential.

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Exceptional Diagnostic Evaluations For Children, Adolescents, And Young Adults

We are: your partner in the first step of the journey of seeking or ruling out a diagnosis.

We know: that your family member is so much more than a medical diagnosis.

We have: a supportive, caring, and holistic view of each individual child as they relate to and discover the environments in which they live, work, and play.

What is Pathways? The First Step

Pathways guides families and individuals in gaining better understanding around developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other Cognitive and Developmental concerns. We respectfully evaluate and work alongside you and your family to provide trusted, evidence-based treatment recommendations and maximize the potential of your child.

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What You Can Expect: Pathways Promises

Our team of clinicians includes licensed psychologists, registered psychology associates, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral externs, and is committed to providing compassionate, professional, and efficient care to all families. Our clinicians pride themselves on ensuring that families feel heard throughout the assessment process, including parents and other important caregivers throughout the evaluation.

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We bring you the Gold Standard in diagnostic experiences including:

  1. Your child and entire family will be treated with utmost respect, taking into account the strengths of the individual, family and culture.
  2. You and your child will have access to evidence-based treatments and critical community supports regardless of diagnosis.
  3. All parents will feel supported and empowered to take the next steps to support their children.
  4. Your family will receive a comprehensive, thorough, and accessible report that can be used immediately to access services and better understand your child.

Comprehensive Care: Supporting You Every Step of The Way

Pathways uses gold standard assessments (Including ADOS-2) and is able to evaluate the following domains:

  • Cognitive Functioning
  • Adaptive Functioning
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Social Communication Skills
  • Attentional Control
  • Academic Achievement
  • Executive Functioning
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Parent Stress & Family Dynamics


We are insurance experts. In addition to self-pay options, we do accept many forms of insurance. If you do not require a referral, please call us for more details.

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