Rebekah Chesko, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA, LBA, LBS, stands out in her dual expertise in speech-language pathology and applied behavior analysis, a distinction held by a small group in the field. Her academic foundation is solidified by dual Master’s degrees in Communication Science & Disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis, from the University of Pittsburgh and St. Cloud State University. This unique combination of qualifications empowers Rebekah to approach her work with a comprehensive perspective that benefits her colleagues, clients, and the field at large.

Beginning her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist immediately after earning her Bachelor’s degree, Rebekah devoted over six years to supporting children with significant disabilities, with a particular focus on those who were nonverbal. Her deep commitment to enhancing communication abilities and her drive to further her impact led her to pursue a second Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. This decision was inspired by the profound interactions with her students, who motivated her to expand her skills to help them more effectively.

Rebekah’s professional journey is marked by significant roles, including Lead Therapist and Assistant Director at The School at McGuire Memorial, where she first integrated her dual expertise to enhance student outcomes. Her career at Behavioral Framework began with a position as Clinical Supervisor, followed by a term as Clinical Quality Auditor, and culminated in her current role as Director of Learning and Development. Here, she creates and delivers impactful educational programs for a diverse audience, including caregivers, BCBAs, RBTs, and other professionals, utilizing her extensive experience and knowledge.

Guided by the philosophy that ‘anyone can learn,’ Rebekah champions the idea that educators must creatively and diligently adapt their teaching methods to unlock every child’s potential. This philosophy not only reflects her approach to teaching and therapy but also underpins her work, emphasizing the transformative power of personalized and innovative education strategies.

A pivotal moment in Rebekah’s career occurred when her work enabled a nonverbal teenage girl to vocalize ‘mama’ for the first time in the presence of her caregiver—a breakthrough that deeply inspired Rebekah’s pursuit of becoming a BCBA.

Rebekah’s dedication and unique expertise not only set her apart but also drive her commitment to advancing therapeutic practices and educational strategies for those with complex needs.