LaToya L. Small, Psy.D., accomplished her bachelor’s and master’s degrees by the age of 22, swiftly demonstrating her academic prowess and commitment to psychology. She has a comprehensive background in psychological assessment, child and adolescent therapy, and military mental health. Dr. Small earned her Doctor of Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Psychological Assessment from Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, where she also completed her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Child & Adolescent Therapy, and her Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

Her career is distinguished by her military service as a corpsman, where she gained significant experience with the Wounded Warrior Battalion and as a Medevac coordinator. These experiences profoundly influenced her decision to advance her education and career in psychology, leading to her pursuit of a doctorate.

Transitioning from her military service, Dr. Small served as a Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Chief of Emergency Behavioral Health and Consultation Service at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and Clinical Psychology Staff at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. These roles allowed her to develop comprehensive expertise in PTSD treatment, psychological assessment, and crisis management, and the development of behavioral health programs. Notably, she developed and facilitated Fort Belvoir’s first Behavioral Health Technician training program and significantly improved logistical and financial operations within the department.

Dr. Small’s early career involved case management and group therapy roles, where she developed key skills in coordinating care and delivering psychotherapy. Her background in child and adolescent therapy, combined with her military experience, provides a unique perspective on the developmental and psychological needs of children and families.

Her research work includes significant contributions to the understanding of telecommunications’ impact on service members’ mental health and occupational effectiveness. Dr. Small is also a committed educator and advocate, involved in various professional organizations and training programs focused on mental health.

Recognized for her service and expertise, Dr. Small has received numerous awards, including the Joint Service Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medals. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Small is actively involved in Post-Partum Support of Virginia, contributing to a warm line and preparing to lead a support group for mothers and babies.

Having faced significant medical challenges herself, Dr. Small understands the profound impact of a life-altering diagnosis. She believes in embracing each day as an opportunity for new experiences and insists that while such diagnoses may shape daily life, they should not define one’s existence. Her work focuses on early intervention, psychological assessment, and fostering resilience and mental wellness in children and adolescents.