Dr. Andrea Howard, Ph.D., is the primary Child Psychologist and Program Lead for Pathways by Behavioral Framework. She specializes in Autism evaluations while assessing for other developmental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. Dr. Howard guides parents through the diagnostic process and next steps in their journey of acceptance, treatment, and offers key insight into individual progress goals.

Dr. Howard has a passion for helping children and fostering their success through a whole-family approach to diagnostics and treatment recommendations. She ensures every child leaves Pathways with goals and a plan that involves each member of their family and household. She loves the inherent variety of her role and enjoys that each day presents varied experiences and opportunities. “I previously worked in schools and noticed that school psychologists and clinical psychologists often don’t explore the life of the child in their other setting,” Dr. Howard explains. “It’s a great joy for me to combine my expertise from both settings – school and home/community – so that our clients get the best service possible.”

Dr. Howard received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Asbury University, her Master of Education in School Psychology, and her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. She has a distinguished career in psychology across several mediums, including schools, early childhood centers, and pediatric hospitals. Her familiarity and experience within various settings offer families a great advantage as she can assist them with educational recommendations, accessing community supports, and much more.

“We are so excited to extend our resources and services to ease the burden of year-long wait times and fill the gap for families struggling to receive a diagnosis and treatment for their child,” said Angela West, Chief Clinical Officer, Behavioral Framework. “Dr. Howard is an incredible addition to our Behavioral Framework family and our mission, and we look forward to offering long-awaited answers and assistance to families across the DMV area.”

With her wide breadth of experience, she maintains that psychological testing is a critical act of advocacy in our communities. “I believe that psychological testing is an act of compassion. Though I love working directly with children, psychological testing involves just as much (if not more) work with parents on behalf of children. This brings me great joy!” Dr. Howard shared. “I am honored to join the Behavioral Framework family and mission to provide exceptional and compassionate care to children and their families,” said Dr. Andrea Howard. ” I’m a parent myself and understand how vulnerable it feels to ask tough questions about your child. Kids and adolescents surprise me every day and are capable of much more than we often give them credit for! Pathways will benefit countless families in Virginia, Maryland, and DC to receive the answers they have been longing for.”