Dessie joined Behavioral Framework in 2019 and has over 15 years of people management experience, focusing on large-scale recruiting, managing performance, and engaging people.

She feels passionate about building a high trust and fun work environment. She supports the business shift from a focus on “compliance” to a broader emphasis on ethical culture and employee experience. Besides her passion for people, Dessie is very enthusiastic about bringing technological solutions into operational functions to simplify and streamline processes.

Dessie has a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management and Development from Open University UK and holds a PHR certificate from the HR Certification Institute.

Before joining Behavioral Framework, Dessie was an HR Consultant working with companies in the financial, health, and non-profit sectors. Her focus was on employee relations, benefits administration, and compliance. Dessie consulted and coached leadership on employee relations issues, performance management, and employment law. Before that, she served as the head of Human Resources in a high-volume department at an award-winning staffing firm working with local and state government.

As a Director of Operations at Behavioral Framework, Dessie does what she loves most: she oversees the people and system operations in the company. She manages an incredible admin team, and together they recruit the best talent, provide smooth onboarding experience, foster positive employee relations, and ensure business compliance and accurate payroll processing. Besides promoting great company culture, Dessie builds and scales new processes that guarantee consistency. She always looks for opportunities to improve and make Behavioral Framework’s operations more efficient and user-friendly.