What is your title? Describe what you do.

There are many components that make up my role as a Clinical Supervisor. I assist
individuals diagnosed with autism to acquire skills in communication, safety, social
interactions, and activities of daily living. In order to do this, I study specific behavior patterns and create individualized plans to help our clients thrive. In addition to this, I provide support to families by collaborating with caregivers, teachers, and therapists to promote generalization and prolonged use of behaviors and skills. And to ensure treatment integrity, I oversee direct services that are provided directly by the client’s behavior technician.

“I admire that the company offers opportunities for growth and provides support for professional advancement.”

Kemi Odumeru

Clinical Supervisor

What drew you to Behavioral Framework?

The company’s commitment to provide excellent care to families by providing compassion, care, and research-based therapy.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

I have a strong passion for helping others and this job produces gratification with physical results. I’ve had the opportunity to set in place strategies that help children eat, communicate, interact, and generally live better lives! Each of the little wins make every single day worth it!

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications they should possess?

Compassion, good communication, and integrity are core traits any BCBA should possess. If you have the passion to change lives and want to make a real difference, this job is for you. Do your research and find the Applied Behavioral Analyst program that’s best suited for you.

What do you like best about Behavioral Framework?

I admire that the company offers opportunities for growth and provides support for professional advancement. I initially began working here as a Behavior Technician and since then, I’ve had multiple opportunities to elevate my career.

Would you recommend someone to work at Behavioral Framework? And why?

Yes! If you would like a healthy work environment with fellow team members who recognize, respect and inspire you, here is where you need to be!