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February Issue of Autism Parenting Magazine features an article by Behavioral Framework’s Founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Angela West

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ROCKVILLE, MD: (February 8, 2021) Angela West, Founder & Chief Clinical Officer with Behavioral Framework, has a featured article published in Autism Parenting Magazine’s February issue about helping children with autism navigate the virtual learning environment. As the pandemic affects in-person schooling and resources for all children across the nation, virtual learning continues to be a challenge for many with special needs. In ‘Digital Learning Survival Guide for Children with Autism,’ West offers parents encouragement, resources, and tips in assisting their children through the ongoing virtual learning environment and empowering them through the process.

For 2021, the focus is on survival, both emotional and physical. Parents are encouraged to be patient and understand that each child may not reach each academic goal, but providing a loving, supportive, and flexible environment will be the key to success.

Check out Autism Parenting Magazine’s latest issue.

To read West’s article, ‘Digital Learning Survival Guide for Children with Autism,’ click here.

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