ROCKVILLE, MD: (September 8, 2022) CEO Kyle West, sat down with Falls Church News-Press to discuss the opening of the new diagnostic center, Pathways by Behavioral Framework. Recognizing the need within the community, Behavioral Framework recently opened the center to help alleviate sometimes year-long wait times for children to receive a diagnosis. Pathways is headquartered in Behavioral Framework's Rockville, Maryland office at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard. Dr. Andrea Howard, Ph.D., was brought on as Child Psychologist and Program Lead for Pathways this past April. Dr. Howard has a distinguished career in psychology specializing in autism evaluations and assessing other developmental and behavioral disorders. Kyle West and his wife, Angela West, Chief Clinical Officer, founded Behavioral Framework in 2017 to provide exceptional care and better client outcomes for children diagnosed with autism and their families. As they saw the need growing for diagnoses and families unable to access these evaluations for long periods, they knew they had to act. They put their resources towards establishing Pathways to help meet the needs of children and families suffering without a diagnosis or treatment for up to a year. Without a diagnosis, children can't begin any type of therapy, so the assessment was the most vital component lacking within the community. For more information on Pathways by Behavioral Framework, click here. For the full article, click here.