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What is your title? Describe what you do.

My role at Behavioral Framework is President, Clinical Services. I am responsible for the efficient operations and overall quality of ABA therapy services. This includes defining, implementing, executing, and managing strategic plans to ensure the proper systems, processes, tools, and training are in place to ensure best-in-class ABA therapy is delivered consistently to all clients.

“What I like the most about Behavioral Framework is our culture of appreciation and respect for others (caregivers, RBTs, BTs, BCBAs, administrative team).”

Brittany Rader

President, Clinical Services

What drew you to Behavioral Framework?

I actually found Behavioral Framework at a pivotal point in my career. I was frustrated with my experiences in other organizations and I almost left the field entirely. My interactions with the CCO and CEO (who interviewed me) stood out immediately. I could tell right away they were honest, transparent, and passionate about the services they provide. In this field, all of that combined is pretty rare.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

In my experience at Behavioral Framework across various positions, the most rewarding thing to me is parent satisfaction. Progress looks different across every individual we work with, and we’re great at making progress. But it takes an entirely different skill set for you and your team to make meaningful bonds with caregivers. Parents know what is right for their child, so if they are happy, that means we’re doing something meaningful.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a role like yours? Are there specific character traits or skills/certifications they should possess?

There are a lot of qualities or skills that are implied in a position that is responsible for the clinical outcomes of a 500+ person company, but if I had to isolate something, my best advice is that the greatest outcomes are achieved through inspiration and collaboration. If your team doesn’t know and understand your mission or have the opportunity to support the process, you’ll have a team that does not feel valued. You have to respect everyone’s unique skill sets and find ways to effectively collaborate across departments and roles. That’s when you achieve success.

What do you like best about Behavioral Framework?

What I like the most about Behavioral Framework is our culture of appreciation and respect for others (caregivers, RBTs, BTs, BCBAs, administrative team). Everyone plays such an important role in the outcomes for a single individual. Regardless of your title, credentials, or role, you’re part of the team and that matters.

Would you recommend someone to work at Behavioral Framework? And why?

Of course, I would! I shouldn’t be in my position if that weren’t my answer. It’s a hard place to work, no doubt, but that’s because the work we do for our clients and their families is important. But I have taken on the role that I have because Behavioral Framework truly is a great place to work. We never settle, and we diligently work every day to identify ways we can improve in all aspects of what we do. That effort always makes its way to our employees – whether it’s through additional training, resources, benefits, or simple recognition for their hard work.