ROCKVILLE, MD: (April 7, 2021) The April issue of Autism Parenting Magazine features an article by Behavioral Framework’s Founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Angela West, ‘Tips For Parents: Coping & Thriving with Autism.’  Parents of children diagnosed with autism face many challenges and stressors throughout a given day. To be the best advocate for their child, West shares some tips to help parents cope with those day-to-day stressors and find a balance of self-care for themselves. West encourages parents to utilize their support system, talk about their difficulties and depression or anxiety, and reach out to organizations that can connect them with other groups traversing a similar path. While ensuring the right tools and resources are in place for the whole family, they can all cope and thrive with autism.

Having founded Behavioral Framework along with her husband, Kyle West, in 2017, West has a deep passion for children diagnosed with autism and helping them reach their fullest potential. She has devoted her career to ABA Therapy programs and providing compassionate care to the whole family. Over the years, West has also met with key local and state government stakeholders to lobby on behalf of ABA Medicaid funders to ensure ABA treatment reaches all families in need.

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