There are three steps to the evaluation.

1. Parent/Guardian Interview

The first step is a parent-only (or guardian-only) interview with the psychologist.

  • A licensed psychologist will meet with you either via telehealth or in our office to go over your child’s history and your current concerns.

This meeting lasts about 90 minutes. Most parents prefer to meet virtually due to the convenience.

  • For a virtual appointment, you will need to be sure that you are in a private room where no one other than the child’s parents or guardians can hear.
  • If your child is with you for the meeting, that’s no problem! However, they do not need to participate during this stage of the evaluation.

2. In-Person Testing

The second step is an in-person testing session at our office in Rockville, Maryland. A parent or guardian needs to be present along with the child for this session.

The session can last between 2 and 5 hours, and sometimes a second session is needed if your child becomes too tired or if a lot of tests are necessary to find the accurate diagnosis.

3. Feedback Session

The final step is a feedback session between you (the parent or guardian) and the
psychologist. The psychologist will help you to decide whether your child needs to be present for this session, which usually depends on the child’s age.

The feedback session is held via telehealth or in-person in the office, based on your preference. During this appointment, the psychologist will review the results of the testing, any diagnosis that is made, and the recommendations for your child.

They also provide recommendations for home, school, and community services. You also have lots of time to ask questions during this appointment. You will also receive a physical copy of your child’s evaluation report.