ROCKVILLE, MD: (September 6, 2022) Autism Parenting Magazine's September Issue is out and features Angela West's article "ABA & Verbal Behavior Therapy: How it Works.” In this issue, she shares insights into how utilizing Verbal Behavior (VB) incorporated into your child's ABA Therapy program can help achieve success for nonverbal children and parents hoping to increase their child's communication. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the nation and affects approximately 1 in 54 children. Focusing VB components within ABA, children can learn language by connecting words with their purposes. BF Skinner broke down different types of languages, and West explains these operants for parents and caregivers to better understand how it benefits children impacted by autism. In 2017, West founded Behavioral Framework with her husband, Kyle West. She has a deep passion for children diagnosed with autism and helping them reach their fullest potential. West is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst with more than 15 years of experience. She has devoted her career to ABA Therapy programs while providing compassionate care to the whole family because she understands the unique challenges of children diagnosed with autism. For the full article, download here. Check out Autism Parenting Magazine’s latest issue.