Compassionate, Family-Focused Treatment

Families help drive the direction of ABA therapy -Caregiver collaboration is critical to the creation of your child’s therapy goals. The skills we work on need to be important to your child and your family. Starting at your child’s initial ABA assessment, we work with you to ensure meaningful goals are selected.

Each family is unique, and we honor differences. Based on preferences, we do our best to match your child and family with a similar clinical team.

Our goal is for our team to fit into your family, not for your family to fit into a certain mold.

Therapy takes place one-to-one in the most natural setting – your home – which gives your family opportunities for frequent observation, practice, and participation in therapy sessions.

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We believe learning should be enjoyable and exciting for everyone. A positive relationship between your child and our clinical team is critical to long-term outcomes for treatment. Time and care are taken in establishing trust with your child and family before moving on in the therapy process.

Forging a Path Together

Deciding what skills should be taught is determined through a consultation with parents/caregivers and therapists and a thorough assessment with your child. An assessment helps us identify what behaviors your child may need assistance with and what skills can be taught.

We encourage you to reach out to our team with any questions regarding ABA for your child, so we can forge a path together to benefit your whole family.

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Multilingual Services

Communication is a critical component of all we do at Behavioral Framework. Our team and community are diverse, so we do our best to accommodate families with multilingual needs. We employ Spanish and English-speaking RBTs, BCBAs, and administrative staff to assist with all communication necessary throughout your family’s autism journey. Additionally, we offer translation services for over 240 languages.

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