Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight


Meg Kerper

Vice President of Clinical Operations

“We have an amazing culture of positivity, caring, and respect in our organization. These values are meaningful to me, so it’s amazing to work on a team that embodies these values.”

Brittany Rader

President, Clinical Services

“What I like the most about Behavioral Framework is our culture of appreciation and respect for others (caregivers, RBTs, BTs, BCBAs, administrative team)."

Shawnta Thomas

Senior Client Services Manager

“I love the constant appreciation the owners show their dedicated staff, the flexibility, and the welcoming work environment I have a chance to be a part of every day.”

Andrea Wilkinson

Recruiting Manager

“What I like best about Behavioral Framework is the family/team environment and the open-door policy.”

Katie McCormick

Office Manager

“I love our people! There’s a unique and special feeling of community among our team.”

Ilyssa Rivera

Clinical Supervisor

“Behavioral Framework has an incredible network of supports for every single position in the company. There is always someone you can reach out to for support.”

Kaitlin Gallagher

Clinical Supervisor

“Their emphasis on professional growth and teamwork. It’s an incredibly supportive environment."

Rosalinda Hernandez

Care Coordinator

“We have the most selfless and kind hearted people always willing to lend a hand. Our team is always making sure everyone is feeling supported and motivated.”

Dessie Sanz

Director of Operations

“We have the most passionate and kind people on our team, and we are all so united by the common goal to provide the best services to our clients.”

Kate O’Brien

Talent Placement Manager

“The people I work with and the rewarding work we do.”